Crimes of the Ruling Class

“Hard Evidence”, Vol 2, No 4, June 2002 pp 30-34


The myth that we live in a free country and within a fair, semi-ideal system has already been debunked. The truth is that in our capitalistic, money-driven world there remains a clear hierarchy: the ruling class and the underclasses. Unfortunately, in their efforts to gain more information, power and wealth, the ruling class often resorts to illegal methods which create a class warfare (of sorts) between them and those that question those methods. Those forming part of the elite group in question may be there by virtue of birth, association, good fortune or talent. Accordingly not all are guilty, but those that are can achieve and maintain their positions via corrupt and covert means. In turn they push their ideas, systems, rules and wills onto the rest of us. Also, aside from actual crimes (like tax evasion, theft, rape, paedophilia, murder and so on) many betray society in other ways. These range from the co-operation of those compromised (through drugs, money, sex etc) through to assistance with the concealment of matters which are of concern to the general public as well as law enforcers. It is these offences, committed by that section of the community which sees itself as above the rest of us, which form the basis of this article.


Wealth allows secrecy for some just as it robs others of their privacy. That secrecy allows crimes to be carried out undetected and unchallenged. Whether you’re talking about the Bildeburg club, The Club of Rome, The Mafia of any other group, conspiracies/crimes abound. One of the reasons the upper classes are above the law is that they can access methods/technologies, which the rest of the community cannot. Sure, some celebrities have been interrogated, even jailed for money related offences (tax evasion, fraud etc) but rarely for crimes where there is no money trail to follow unless there are known enemies to set it up.

Take for example the advanced satellite surveillance systems made available by the U.S Defence Department and other agencies. Corrupt “businessmen”, including media and political figures, can access audio-visual material as well as intercept telecommunications. The results can be used to rob, blackmail, harass or humiliate targets. Targets include competitors, researchers, writers, inventors, lobbyists, law enforcers etc. The Echelon, Iris satellite systems (et al) leave the victims totally defenseless. Often wealthy public figures actually pinpoint the targets themselves.
Many in high places are also as vulnerable, as if they lived in “glass houses”. For example, U.S agencies, like the CIA and NSA, monitor all government ministers from all governments worldwide. They also keep a close eye on many celebrities. Ironically some celebrities help to harass targets who are not public figures.

Notably, the police (State and Federal) cannot access these technologies to solve crime. If they could, powerful people in politics, journalism and big “business” would be incarcerated. Terrorism, the illegal arms and drug trades would be wiped out. Instead honest police are thwarted in their attempts to investigate big time criminals. Lawyers and executives working for organized criminals can make their lives hell. Some police, are even spied on and harassed themselves by various criminals, including the media mafia.

Celebrities and other wealthy individuals simply make themselves unavailable to assist with police enquiries. They’ll even go as far as to call in executives and lawyers to stop police harassing them and/or lodge false counter complaints against those who want them investigated. Diligent investigators can be transferred, sacked or worse if they’re too persistent. This is especially so since they’re not only dealing with the clout of “public figures” but are working for or with fellow law enforcers who have been (or can be) got at.

Ultimately the top of the list of suspects is nearly always the CIA/Mafia. They have access to technology, knowledge and huge sums of money. The CIA doesn’t deal effectively with terrorists but instead its employees vow to do whatever they’re told without question. They’ll harass innocent civilians even going as far as to set them up in one of their remote, illegal, human experimental programs. In truth they themselves are little more than terrorists and would think nothing of killing their own and pinning it on someone else (a possibility re Sept 11 01?).


They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so corruptible public figures have to be good actors: paying lip service to what’s right, luring public opinion in a certain direction and covering with publicised acts, like making charitable contributions. It is a willingness to comply with instructions from their criminal employers which forms the basis for career opportunities for all but the most talented amongst them. In fact the CIA, for instance, screens entrants to the most public ranks of the media, politics etc. Some of the better results achieved by so doing include the go-soft approach (in reality) on drugs and the suppression of information regarding U.S/Big Brother technologies.

Media identities (esp. journalists) hurl ridicule (as a smoke screen) at thieves, druggies and so on whilst indulging in worse themselves and/or working for corrupt “businessmen” who foster petty crimes by committing serious ones: like drug trafficking. Still others go a step further, making favourable references in music, film, interviews and so on to drug taking, violent crime etc. Equally, instead of helping campaigners against crimes like drug proliferation, arms trafficking, corruption, (even violence) these same public “icons” harass such people covertly, mainly by feeding back surveillance results. Interweaving these results into what’s written, editors and the like have presenters read the “coincidences” out, set agendas/topics for discussion etc. This is a primary and criminal media function of which most are totally ignorant. In fact two-thirds of what’s known to the media is never revealed publicly but it’s all used.

To elaborate, the media mafia co-operates fully with the covert agencies who spy on anti nuclear, anti-war, anti drugs, anti corruption lobbyists/campaigners using advanced audio-visual satellite surveillance equipment. The frequencies of the surveillance are fed to the mainstream media technicians, they tune in and the executives ensure writers feed “coincidental” phrases, ideas and topics to the on air presenters. The victim is thereby harassed when they listen/view: picking up on the cryptic and not so cryptic references sewn into the on-air material. This is a very common practice, which is tantamount to criminal harassment. However, to openly question powerful public figures on this can lead to set-ups involving police, psychiatrists etc.

Even church and other community leaders approve, or at least acquiesce, regarding such practices. For instance, the Catholic Church co-operates with the Australian Labor Party and their many media connections, even participating in the harassment themselves. They do so for government funding (when Labor is in power) and to avoid smear campaigns over things like paedophilia. The less hypocritical ones will merely go into denial or fail to help, out of fear of those who arrange such conspiracies. In fact the church itself has its own spies.

In the same way most public figures glad hand and associate with known criminals. The organized crime syndicates, (like the Mafia) control the media and entertainment industries, especially in the U.S.A. There are not enough other opportunities to go after, so to oppose a powerful media magnate, for example, may be the end of a career. Yet the same people who can do this, who ‘destroy what they cannot control’ are just as likely to receive public praise and adulation from others around them. For instance, there are criminals in high places who have received humanitarian awards, knighthoods etc while secretly devoting their time and resources to destroying decent people both in and out of public life.
Occasionally some are set-up or scapegoated because they’ve lost their ‘protected’ status for some political or monetary reason. The fact is the media, through the agencies, have something on most public figures (and many not so public ones too) and allow it to “surface” if and when they deem it to be appropriate for their purposes. Those who are not complicit therefore acquiesce out of fear. The rest actually profit by participating in anything from political comedy to ” cash for comment” broadcasting to murder. Many of the more corrupt (especially politicians and journalists) are merely criminals with some acting ability. And the public swallows all of it.


Again public ignorance of these practices is understandable. The “bread and circuses” operate as a smoke screen leaving most happy to “consume and be silent”. In Western democracies life is free and easy for most: You work, play, even vote. But the freedoms on offer are illusionary. In the same way that advertisements (brainwashing tools in themselves) promote different brands/products which may actually be owned by the one conglomerate, there is little genuine difference between political parties in the two party system so when you vote you are responding to media hype surrounding a false plebiscite because “they” manipulate the voter preferences (on the whole) and both parties; through connections with the leaders.

The ruling classes, through big business, the agencies, the media and so on, justify their existence through their public role but privately/secretively they illegally plot and manipulate. Sport and other entertainment just like religion and “national conscience” type causes, are used as distractions from other important matters. In the end we finish up thinking and believing what we’re conditioned to think and believe.

There is no more extreme example of public brainwashing than the general perceptions regarding so-called alien life forms. What was considered insanity by most 100 years ago is today embraced as truth and because we live in a more informed, enlightened age this must be so. Right? Wrong! There are a number of very good reasons why the U.S Government want people believing and a number of devious ways that they have used to convince them. Firstly, regarding how they’ve done this well it’s mainly courtesy of the approach of the mass media (moviemakers, writers of all sorts etc) but also via falsified/staged sightings (using military aircraft etc) and tampering with recorded history. The military and NASA then play out a denial vs. confirmation scenario and so the fantasy builds.

The objects of these “sightings” are usually political targets or human guinea pigs (especially re: alien abductions) but you won’t read this in a newspaper. Instead you’re more likely to read how arrogant we would be to believe we are the only inhabitants of the universe. This coming from people too arrogant to accept the existence of a God who may just consider us more important than any human mind can acknowledge. So while they can’t even get along with their neighbours, can’t even deal with the conflicts that surround us here they approve of wasting time and money searching for aliens who would either destroy, or be destroyed by, us.

So what are the reasons for this charade? Well it draws public approval for the space program and Defence spending. The public doesn’t realise that surveillance satellites, star wars and other “nasty” technologies are the real focus of the spending. These are not mentioned (the cover is national security). Secondly, it also acts as a cover for illegal harassment and illegal human experimentation. A sort of “blame it on the aliens” or “he’s mad” cover. Finally, it focuses attention elsewhere than on the secretive ways of the New World Order. This is becomingly increasingly important as technology allows BIG BROTHER interference and monitoring on a level few readers would appreciate. Of course, none of this would be possible without the co-operation of the mass media and many public figures, many of whom have simply sold us out.


Covert agency personnel and crime figures are spread throughout the business, political, literary, media ranks. Editors, writers, presenters and so on are involved in seeing to it that vital information is suppressed, targets are harassed and propaganda reinforced. The only opinions aired publicly, (on important matters) are those of these people. Those trying, in vain, to expose corrupt practices, are silenced. The public only absorbs what it is fed, be it misinformation or worse.

The workings of publishing houses, movie studios, recording companies and the like are therefore, semi-controlled. Even history books are prepared by “chosen” writers; they’re then placed on school syllabuses and fed to our youth to regurgitate in exams and essays. How much of this history is fiction? Who knows, but in a world where skeptics and others are entrained from birth to accept whatever they read in black and white and question anecdotal evidence to the contrary, it is difficult for the truth to surface. This is especially true in relation to covert practices and technologies cloaked by government secrecy orders and legislation. There are no blueprints to present, no proof to supply. So these activities go on undetected. An example is the neurophone. This 40-year-old technology allows broadcasting directly into the brains of targeted individuals (via microwave or satellite). The CIA and ‘Mafia’ terrorise people with it but the general public is ignorant of this practice.


Because wealthy criminals can access covert methods to not only commit crimes but to cover them up there exists an age-old defence to accusations of wrongdoing, it’s called political psychiatry. It effectively discredits and thereby silences whistleblowers who have not been discouraged by covert harassment techniques such as aircraft swoops, corrupt emergency services personnel, media feedback etc. It’s especially effective when targeting people with neurophones or brain scanners. Simply explained it works like this: When a disempowered individual tries to expose practices or particular crimes being committed by ruling class members they are branded as paranoid because they are unable to provide evidence to back their claims (for those tuned in enough to appreciate it, the term “paranoid schizophrenia” was originally penned by a psychiatrist working for the CIA). The police cannot or will not investigate the allegations because they will meet resistance, harassment and embarrassment if they try. Others will not join in the conversations out of fear and so the accuser stands alone and totally vulnerable. If high-tech is used and they complain this only worsens the situation.

A good example involves the teachers in NSW state schools who name paedophiles in the system. They are threatened with a visit to “Healthquest” where government psychiatrists could cost you your job if not your freedom. In this way paedophilia (even paedophile networks) are allowed to thrive. “If you can’t prove it it’s not happening” is the assumption made by the so-called experts. They not only feign ignorance of practices and technologies outside of their experience but they will not bite the hand that feeds them. So the chances of a fair assessment from a government psychiatrist are about the same as getting a divorce lawyer to advise a client to talk things through with his or her spouse rather than pursuing costly legal proceedings. No chance at all.
Another example of the ways that the ruling class use corruptible psychiatrists is in deflecting any accusations of media surveillance feedback, using surveillance results. By its very nature such a practice is criminal conduct but because of the methods used it cannot be proven decisively in a court of law (and no lawyer has the courage to take on media magnates or governments on such a secretive practice anyway). So a complicit researcher, writer, editor or public figure can safely plead ignorance. One TV news presenter, for instance, has been approached many times by innocent victims of agency/media harassment. She not only fails to help but also sells each and every one of them out; using corrupt cops in attempts to have them committed, saying they harass her. This is class warfare at its worst. Such people are beneath contempt yet their public standing and the public relations/legal machine behind them ensures they are not questioned on such conduct. This is again proof of the different rights of different classes. Honest police are also kept in the dark about such practices (and technologies) and would in any event be dissuaded from investigating the criminal conduct of the public figures or fellow officers involved.


Blackmailing, (using covert surveillance results gathered by agency personnel, media, PI’S, cops etc) as well as set-ups, abductions, brainwashing, blacklisting, imprisonment/commitment even murder are all methods used to silence people or get them to do what “they” want. Aircraft swoops, siren wailing and general harassment are also common, as is the use of certain satellite-based and microwave weapons (i.e. non-lethal weapons).


Whether “born to rule” or attaining wealth and thereby adopting a superior attitude, many are prepared to commit crimes to advance. The combination of greed and opportunity helps to formulate opinions, which they then seek to spread. Comments like “put them down and keep them down” and “this is what happens when you educate the poor” reflect not only a readiness to embrace corruption but a desire to eliminate those who do not. This is the antithesis of fair play, democracy and everything our society is supposed to stand for.

One of the ways this is fostered is the agency/criminal vetting of those entering the more prominent positions in public life. All must be corruptible or at least self-absorbed and fearful or they are excluded. This is contrary to the widely held belief that there are good and bad people in all sections of the community. This is generally true but not where the system and those running it sift out the good. Unfortunately this is the case in modern politics and mainstream journalism. Those few who are ok are usually too afraid to intervene.


Over the years a few have slipped the net and gone on to take courageous, dangerously moral stances. I’m not referring to charitable works by B. Geldof or Mother Theresa but rather those opposing criminality in the community from influential positions.

For example, smear campaigns were launched against singers M. Jackson and G. Michael because they embarrassed or questioned powerful industry figures etc. Actors R. Redford and V. Redgrave were harassed over their political stances and The Kennedy’s, M.L King and others were actually murdered for opposing racism, war, organised crime etc.

Notably this instills fear into others. Fear for their careers, fear for their lives. In extreme cases a dupe can be persuaded, brainwashed or harassed into killing (or taking the blame for killing) a public figure but the real culprits are the manipulators of the CIA, The Mafia etc who encourage (or carry out) the crime. These people can topple governments, set up assassinations or simply arrange accidents (e.g. the suspicious deaths of M.Monroe, Lady Di and G. Kelly). The media know, the law enforcers suspect but the agencies and their “business” connections run the world and operate unopposed and unquestioned.


It’s no secret that the CIA/Mafia connection is largely drug funded. Many who see the folly in allowing their children to play in traffic, or who wouldn’t even consider entering a few rounds of Russian roulette will, nonetheless, happily embrace a lifestyle that supports this operation and the rewards are not only measured monetarily. If questioned about working for or with such people most entertainers would claim to be drug free or quote the usual lines about it being relatively harmless but the statistics speak for themselves. One drug can lead to something stronger and so on and many, from all walks of life, suffer and/or die as a result. They’re defending the indefensible for the personal satisfaction and rewards it brings them. But dare anyone express this simple truth too openly and they will be harassed for it. The wealthy can afford the habit with little or no risk of detection. However, the poor often steal or prostitute themselves to pay for it. Equally they can’t afford detox programs etc. It ruins their lives. The ruling classes “do drugs” but for the rest of the community, the drugs “do them”.


The ruling classes are clearly made up of some of the community’s worst criminals leaving targets not only open to harassment but with no one to turn to for help. The logical approaches (to police, politicians, journalists, church leaders) reveal the truth about their role. Those who can be trusted are fearful; many monitored themselves by powerful criminals using high tech satellite equipment. Others still owe favours to, receive support from or glad hand the offenders in question (employers, media contacts, “businessmen”). It’s all about money and control.

The truth is, we in the Western democracies are no freer than our counterparts elsewhere in the world. In fact serfs in Feudal England or slaves in ancient Egypt served masters no more evil than some of those we deal with today. The only difference is that the ruling classes today hide their crimes and attitudes better. They can’t drag “do-gooders” out of bed at 2:00am and have them thrown into some hellhole to be tortured to death. Here, in a “democracy”, they have to use satellite spying and harassment technologies, media feedback, political maneuvering, conspiracy etc. As a result none will be questioned let alone caught and punished. Instead, while opponents are silenced and discredited, “their” attitudes permeate society, drawing others to accept that invasions of privacy, drugs, corruption and all manner of criminal conduct are to go unquestioned, as an acceptable part of life. Their delusions and our apathy must be challenged.